Yahoo vs. Google – round one.

Yesterday’s post talked about how I spent so much time on my blog header. One of the things I was doing, as you can see, is finding other translations of the word “worship”. I thought I was doing good…I had found Google translation. I thought it odd that Google translated “worship” for “culto”. Sounded too close to “cult” for me, but it’s google…they’ve got to be right – right? Then my wife saw it, who was a Spanish minor in college…she said that didn’t sound right to her either. So she took me to babblefish – Yahoo’s translator. They had it right.

Not that I can necessarily find the korean translation of “worship” in the Bible…but it’s a pretty good example of how the only truth we can rely on without reservation is that which is contained in the Bible. God’s holy truth…which by the way, those who worship the Father in spirit and “truth” are the worshipers He is seeking (John 4:23). We should worship God based on the truth of His Word and what it teaches us about Him and how to worship Him…not Google, Yahoo, or any other yahoo from a big shallow church.


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