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Time to login peeps!

I’m gonna have to do like my good friend, Adam, and ask you to make a simple comment to this post…or any post. I’ve had anywhere from 6 to 50 views a day over the past few weeks…a total of 300 views…but only 7 comments…one of them mine.

So here’s the challenge…post a comment somewhere, even if it’s just here to this post with who you are and where you’re from and your favorite blog or website (it’ll give me some ideas). I want to get to know who’s looking at my blog – if for no other reason than to say thanks. So, post away!! 🙂


7 Responses

  1. 1. I don’t get the title of this entry.
    2. I thought you said you commented on my comment to your Messiah entry. I didn’t see one.
    3. Just checking – you’ve referred to several people as your “good friend” in some of your entries. Just wondered if I was a “good friend,” too.

  2. I commented on the perfectionism post, not Messiah one.

    And, in light of today’s conversation, I would think you wouldn’t have to ask your last question. 🙂

  3. What about the title?
    And you got me with the last statement. Sorry.

  4. Okay…so the title is a little off. It’s not really a login, and more of a post…but the thought of getting everyone to login to my blog is what I was going for…and peeps is sort of slang for friends (short for people). Make sense?

  5. Hey man! I’m having fun on your blog. Thanks for sending people my way.

  6. Thanks for visiting “A Worshipful Heart” and sharing. I love “meeting” other worship leaders.

  7. I’m a first time visitor and have been blogging for less than a yr…I so understand the value of comments. I enjoyed browsing your blog…I found it on Facebook by the way

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