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Dance with the one who brought you…reference

My good friend from Moulton, AL, Ryan Melson, has a great blog entry last night. I am an emotional person…I cry at movies, at songs, when I hear my baby’s heartbeat…I’m just that way. The story my friend tells is one of those stories that does it to me. But, this one…it’s not just another story…it’s true, something he witnessed with his own eyes and shared with us. I pray you’ll hear the message of this story of true worship.


2 Responses

  1. Ryan’s blog reminds me of a friend of ours that we met at our former church in Alabama. He had cerebral palsy and he too had to use a wheelchair to get around. He was also difficult to understand. I remember the first time that he attended a church service. He wasn’t reserved and quiet, he would laugh out loud and should “Amen” or “Oh Yeah!”. He’d sing the songs at the top of his lungs. I don’t think that many of us knew exactly how to take him. But that didn’t last long.
    His enthusiasm for the Lord was so apparent that it became contagious. He was someone who didn’t let what many would consider a “disability” keep him from sharing his love for the Lord with just about anyone who he could get to listen. In fact, I think that his physical limitations in some ways caused him to be more in tune with our Creator than most, and because he’d had to deal with looks and stares, and “understanding” nods and smiles all of his life, I think that he had learned to not let anyone but God define who he was. In fact, I think he was probably the best example of someone NOT being ashamed of the gospel of anyone I have ever met.

  2. This reminds me of a line in a movie some time ago (the name of which I do not remember – someone help me out here). The line went something like this – “we can only paint with the colors we are given” and referred to a handicapped person who came to realize that if he/she (don’t remember that, either) let God take the palette, then even a very few abilities (colors) could become a masterpiece. I am very convicted when I see people who have fewer colors than I do letting God do so much more with those colors. This girl is obviously one of those people. Truly free to dance with the Lord. Very convicting.

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