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NE Georgia Mountains

My wife, Heather, and I planned a while back to take the opportunity of not having any Sunday night events at our church, coupled with both having Monday – Labor Day – off from work and take a short “get-away” vacation. We never really made plans, so we made them up on the spot.

I’ve had a Jeep Wrangler for almost a year. I’ve had the top off several times and Heather and I enjoy the occasional romp around our town with the wind blowing through our hair…well hers anyway, since mine is pretty much a very short military cut. I have a motorcycle too, but since the pregnancy, we are really trying to sell it. But, having the bike taught us how to enjoy the trip to the destination as much as, if not more, than the destination itself. Though the Jeep does not have the “lean” on curves distinct only to motorcycling, with the top down – and especially the doors removed – it is about as close as you can get to feeling outside the “box”.

So, we left Sunday after church and just went north. Didn’t really have a plan though I had thought it would be interesting to visit Blairsville, GA. Why? Good question…there’s not much more there than where we live…but my sister and I helped staff a band camp many moons ago in Blairsville. We went two years in a row so I thought it would be fun to see what I could find from those memories.

So, we went north…found ourselves going through Hartwell, Lavonia, Toccoa, Helen, and finally Blairsville…not to mention all the too small to mention or remember small towns. The trip home took us East to Hiawasee, then south to Clarksville, Tallulah Falls, and by an unintended wrong turn…back to Toccoa to come south through Lavonia, Royston, and Bowman. But, as I stated earlier, the point of the trip was to be travelling. We took as many indirect routes as we could and found ourselves in some of the most beautiful country. The NE Georgia Mountains are a beautiful sight. If you ever find yourself near the Richard B Russell Scenic Byway…take it…well worth the time. It was fun to come to a T in the road and say…”Which way?” – not because we were lost, but to see which way might have the best things to look at. It was a great little get-away.

The trip was not void of anything Godly. We talked a lot while driving about God and why He does some of the things He does. We talked about some of the books we’re reading (Me on “Who Stole My Church?” and her on “The Shack.”) We listened to a new band called “Tenth Avenue North” (whom I would recommend to anyone). We also found ourselves silent at some of the views of mountains, valleys, rivers, houses, and general scenery. Heather said at one point, “I sure am glad God made the trees green” as we drove one of those tight curvy mountain roads where the trees covered the road like a tunnel.

What have you thanked God for lately?


One Response

  1. Great Blog! I love it when pepole are able to discover Paradise- just 85 miles northy of Atlanta. The closest mountains in the South.
    Sight-seeing, hiking, fishing, canoeing, waterfalls, crafts- natural beauty. It’s ALL here – and the breath taking Fall season is just around the corner!

    So glad you were able to travel around the glorious North Georgia Mountains and appreciate HIS creations!
    I love living here and I am blessed by living in this FABULOUS bit of Paradise, which is North Georgia.
    I live in Sautee-Nacoochee (a little town near Alpine Helen) – where the Indian Mound is located.
    Please be in touch with me the next time you and Heather plan a trip North.
    I will be happy to send you some interesting places to visit – and be awed!

    I live on the Chattahoochee River -“The River of Painted Rocks”- as named by the Cherokee Indians.
    I love to share information about our beautiful area.
    All the very best!

    Harriet Carter

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