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Biblical Worldview

Now there’s a catchy title…right? What can your average worship guy say about a Biblical worldview? My pastor made some great comments in tonight’s sermon about this, and it got me thinking about a few things related to it. It may get a little rambly…but I’ll get to a point, I promise.

Have you ever worn those shades with red glass (think John Lennon)? Or how about green ones? Some of you may be sportsmen that wear the ones that help the colors “liven up” (I think they are called “polarized”). You’ve heard the phrase, “Looking at things through rose collored glasses.” What happens here? As you know, it makes things look red, or green, or brighter, or dimmer. It changes it from what it really is into whatever color shades you might be wearing.

A worldview does the same thing. If you believe that Republicans can do a better job in the Whitehouse than Democrats, that makes you supportive of what most Republicans say and pessimistic about what most Democrats say. If you believe that contemporary music is destroying our churches, any hint of anything other than what you see as the opposite of contemporary winds up being useless to you. These two examples are small snipits of a worldview. One definition I found is, “One’s personal view of the world and how one interprets it; The totality of one’s beliefs about reality.” When you say “Biblical” worldview, you’re saying what one believes about reality when looking through the colored glasses of the Bible and it’s teachings.

Some say that a Biblical worldview is out of date, or impractical, or irrelevant to today. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that “All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness: so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.” Doesn’t sound out of date, impractical, or irrelevant to me…you?

My pastor said the Bible is like a filter. Think of a coffee filter for a moment. Ever had a cup of coffee where the filter didn’t do it’s job? Sort of nasty to have to chew your coffee because of the grounds seeping through. The filter, when working, keeps the bad stuff out and lets the good stuff through. When we filter our world through the filter of the Bible, it helps to keep the bad stuff out and lets the good stuff through. We see things differently, we understand God’s hand differently, we spend our time in the good stuff more often than in the bad stuff…in general, it brings us back to the “seeing the world through rose colored glasses” idea.

Here’s the key though…we’ve got to use the Bible that way. We can’t just walk around literally holding it out in front of us like a shield or above us like an umbrella. It’s what’s inside our Bibles, the “God-breathed” words of our Heavenly Father that guide us. Psalm 119:105, “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” It’s not like airplane lights, or those 4 million candle-power spot lights that can shine for hundreds of yards…its a lamp – only enough light to help us find our next step or, maybe, two.

Live in God’s Word, reading it, studying it, applying it, walking in it and step by step, through each little point of obedience and you’ll find your Biblical worldview and find yourself loving the life God gives you.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this blog today. God has really been pushing on me to be in His word more frequently, and this only reaffirms what God has been saying to me over and over. God is my life source and I can’t have life unless I am connected to the source. So thanks for the encouragment today!!

  2. He’s been pushing on me too. I haven’t been very good or consistent and I know that it has affected how I see things in the world. I don’t really notice it when I’m away from consistent study and reading of the Word…funny how that works…but I really notice how much an influence it is when I am connected to the Word regularly. Thanks for the small affirmation, Jennifer, that this little, insignificant corner of the web has helped someone the way you mention.

    By the way…My wife and I sang “Your Voice” Wednesday in worship…remember that one?

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