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    "Worship is communion with God in which believers, by grace, center their mind's attention and their heart's affection on the Lord, humby glorifying God in response to His greatness and His Word." ~Dr. Bruce Leafblad
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Follow Me – part 1 of 3

Fantasy Football is fun way to experience an otherwise unenjoyable sport…pro football. I say unenjoyable because, compared to college football, its just a job, like any other job and that becomes way too apparent way too often. College football is filled with pride for your school, enthusiasm, rivalry…and of course marching band, which is really why we go to football games anyway (why doesn’t ESPN realize this and stop talking through all the really important half-time stuff?). Anyway…that’s another story.

Back to Fantasy Football. We started a league here at our church for men. Its just a great way to have good, clean fun and fellowship using the sport of pro football as the glue. What happens is that each person picks different players from different teams in the NFL. For example, I chose Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles as one of my quarterbacks. I chose LaDanian Tomlinson from the San Diego Chargers as one of my running backs. I have two more running backs, 2 wide receivers, the tight end from Indianapolis Colts, a kicker, and a defense (NY Giants team defense).

However well (or sometimes poorly) each player plays, their stats earn Fantasy points. For example, for LT to run for 120 yards, gets me 12 points since 10 yards is 1 point in our league. For McNabb to throw a TD pass is 6 points, a field goal is 3 points, a point after attempt is 1…everything you can give a stat to (almost) is worth some point value.

Here’s where the fun comes in…each week, each person from our league plays another person from our league. If the players on my “team” have more fantasy points than the players from their “team”, I would get a win…and now have a 1 and 0 record. Next week I might loose…taking me to a 1-1 record. At the end of our season, the best records go through a playoff system, and we even have our own Fantasy Superbowl to determine the overall winner of our league (we even have some prizes for the winner).

I won’t finish the main point today…and maybe not even tomorrow. But I will at least get you thinking in the right direction. Even though we get individual points for each individual player’s performance, those players are nothing without their team. McNabb cannot throw 3 touchdowns and give me 18 points without someone there to provide pass protection or for someone to be on the receiving end of those passes. The total team effort is what allows the individual to shine.

In the same way, and what I’ll expound upon tomorrow, is that we, as a church – the entire bride of Christ – have to be thinking in team terminology if we ever expect to see Jesus really “shine”. We can also take this down to smaller teams…a local church body, a choir, a praise team, a worship band, a staff…how do we become a team, with the same goal in mind, in order that Jesus might “shine”?

A further thought in relation to this is that each person on the team has a specific role. If everyone tried to be a quarterback, who would block, who would run, who would catch? Are you fulfilling the role God designed for you…and only you…to take?


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