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    "Worship is communion with God in which believers, by grace, center their mind's attention and their heart's affection on the Lord, humby glorifying God in response to His greatness and His Word." ~Dr. Bruce Leafblad
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Follow Me – part 2 of 3

Yesterday, I spoke of Fantasy Football and how each player performed their role so that the team could shine. In the same way, we, as the church, should work as a team to ensure that Jesus shines like he should. Today, I’ll expound upon some of those ideas as they relate to our teamwork as a church (or a smaller choir, band, vocal team, or staff).

So here we go…our youth pastor, Adam, spoke on Sunday night about how God wants us to get in the game. He doesn’t want us to be a spectator…He doesn’t even want to settle for us being on the team but sitting on the bench. He wants us on the field, in the muck and mire, getting dirt under our fingernails, getting the work done – IN the game.

Just like each person on a sports team has a specific role to play, so do we, as designed by God. But in all the jobs we can hold – choir member, praise singer, instrument player, preacher, worship leader, etc…- someone else can do them. You are replaceable.

But one job you are called to do – you cannot be replaced, only you can fill that role – that God-given role. The most sacred, the most permanent of all irreplaceable roles is our role as a loving follower of Jesus, a child of God Almighty. You may say, “Wait a second…anyone can choose to be a follower of Christ, everyone has that opportunity.” Yes, that is true…however, no one can take your place. No one can give God your heart. No one can love God for you. Angels can praise Him; rocks can cry out; the heavens can declare His glory day after day after day…But only you can love Him like you can love Him.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how following Jesus with this in mind – that no one can do or be what God designed you to do or be (or do be do be do) – might just change some wonderful things in your life.


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