A date with my wife

Tonight is something I have been looking forward to for quite sometime now. My wife and I do things together, of course…even “date” things on a regular basis. BUt I rarely get a chance to do one of those “impressive,” all-inclusive, dinner-and-a-show, trying-to-leave-an-impression dates. You know what I mean; those dates before you were married, where you tried to do and say all the right things because you were head over heels for someone. I’m taking my wife, along with some good friends, to a nice, somewhat gourmet, meal and a Broadway show at the Fox THeatre in Atlanta, GA. I have yet to tell her what show, so I won’t say it here either (since, on occassion, she has been known to read my blog). We won’t have many more date-nights within a few months with the arrival of our first child in December (see the ultrasound post). We are very excited, but know that we’re in way over our heads!

Thanks for your continued reading of this humble blog. Please take just a moment and let me know who you are and why you might have found this blog (and continue to read it!) Have a blessed day!


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  1. I came across this blog while printing out a copy of your “Communicating the Positive” speech (which I found pretty much expresses my sentiments exactly – on both the giving and receiving ends). I am about to have a similar “date” with my wife in October, only we are adding spending the night in Atlanta to dinner and the Fox (Wicked – the musical, not a description of the date). [BTW If you are reading this and don’t know me, I have three college-age “kids;” thus, my wile and I have very little “date” time.] To Bobby: I sincerely hope that our “date” turns out to be as meaningful as yours.

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