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    "Worship is communion with God in which believers, by grace, center their mind's attention and their heart's affection on the Lord, humby glorifying God in response to His greatness and His Word." ~Dr. Bruce Leafblad
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Now serving you…

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. It’s been several years in the making, but I finally have my own business…if you can call it that.

For every church I’ve served, technology was something of a “bonus” for them. They hired me to be the minister of music or the worship leader, and in some cases the youth minister too. They never really expected me to have any technological “prowess”. It was a bonus for them in that I understood sound systems, computer software, lighting technologies, websites, etc.

Over the past 7 or 8 years, a somewhat significant part of my job wound up being something I wasn’t necessarily hired for…technology, and more specifically as well as more often, basic graphic design. In two of those previous three churches, I was instrumental in setting up, organizing, and providing graphics for the church’s on line presence. It was not until recently that I began to see a “second career” opportunity. And this is how it began:

The organist at church and I have a lot in common. On two broad brush strokes though, we’re almost equal opposites (he’s said this too, so I’m not making it up). I’ve got two degrees in music and therefore have quite a bit of knowledge and ability in that field. The organist has three degrees in art – specifically art education and therefore has tremendous knowledge and ability in that field. What’s interesting to me is that his musical ability on the organ and keyboard is on par with many “trained” or “degreed” musicians I know. He has stated similar points on my artistic ability. It’s as if he knows what sounds right because experience tells him so…not necessarily music theory. I know what looks right and works together in most graphic artistry because of experience…not because of any training or study in the field.

With him being our church organist and making a second salary off of that, I have come to believe that I could do the same in the graphic arts world. And therefore…I have launched Worshipguy Designs. 

Knowing the world, especially the Internet, is clogged with numerous talented people, I thought it prudent to narrow my desire down to church, Christian, and blog graphic design work. Since most of my experience is in that realm, it seemed natural to funnel that creativity in that direction.

So, if you’ve got a blog with a boring stock banner and want something unique and individual to you…I’m ready to work for you. If you’re a church and do not have someone that can do your web graphics, I’m ready to work for you. Whatever your graphic needs, I’m ready to work for you.

Lastly…what’s this got to do with worship? Well, I believe that the parable of the talents is not “just” talking about money…but literal talents. I feel that God has given me some abilities in this field and I’d like to use them for Him and His sake. To me, that’s an expression of worship.


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