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    "Worship is communion with God in which believers, by grace, center their mind's attention and their heart's affection on the Lord, humby glorifying God in response to His greatness and His Word." ~Dr. Bruce Leafblad
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“Heartblocks” to worship

A few days ago, I wrote a post about a worshipful heart. In it, I referenced a blog by the same title. In a follow-up blog to things that aide in worship, she (the author of that particular blog) talks about heartblocks…things that prevent us from worshipping fully.

I’m not intentionally “stealing” her ideas…my thoughts just seem to be right on target with what she’s been posting for the past few posts (especially the Roll Tide Baby! post).

But, seriously…what are some roadblocks…or heartblocks…to worship? Just like Jan states in the blog I’ve referred to, I too, as a worship leader, have a hard time not “evaluating” another’s worship service. I look at the stage set-up, listen for wrong notes, look for creativity (subtle or not-so-subtle), pay attention to blend and balance and sound system settings… Why? I really don’t know. I can guess it’s got something to do with the fact that I evaluate worship services I’ve planned in similar ways and I’m just used to doing that. It could be that I’m trying to “measure up” to whoever else I’m listening to. It could just simply be that I’m easily distracted and the devil knows it. I’d like to think it’s as mature and acceptable as the first two statements…but I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

Satan loves (interesting verb to use with that subject) to distract God’s children. If he’s lost your soul to the Father already (through salvation), then (as Christians) he’s only got one other weapon to hurt God with… taking our focus off of God Almighty. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. There’s no room for distraction…not even one missed note within an entire set of worship.

Distraction is one of the devil’s best schemes. I’m distracted from God by the pain in my neck (literally right now). I’m distracted by my low checkbook balance and a baby coming in December. I’m distracted by TV shows. I’m distracted by “art” that glorifies violence, bigotry, and hatred. I’m distracted by the age old male problem – pretty women. In all of these distractions, one small step in the opposite direction toward God leads you back into His presence. God’s not that far away…no matter what your distraction. Just turn around and look at Him.

What’s your distraction(s)? Have you any successes in ignoring distraction? Reply to this, and let’s talk about how we all can come back to Him.


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