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Pointless Post

A friend of mine, Adam, mentioned this crazy website in his Facebook status update. This is a great little game…but really has nothing to do with worship. Give it a shot.

You can click on save when you complete a mission. Copy the url of your contraptions and post them in a reply below. Let’s see how ingenious each of us can be. To create the direct link, start the html tag with
<a href=then cut and paste your link within quotes “blah blah blah” then >name of contraption</a>

Here’s the link to the game: http://fantasticcontraption.com/


7 Responses

  1. I completed 12 or so of the some 20 missions last night. SOme were pretty good I thought. But I didn’t save any of them. THen I got this thought…so I tried to recreate some of them. Here’s one…

    Truss Me

  2. This is crazy…someone has too much time on their hands…I didn’t do this one, but wow, what ingenuity.

    Slam Dunk

  3. Unbelievable…I actually made it work!
    Whip it!

  4. That slam dunk one is….sick. I wish my mind worked like that.

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