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Fasting…not for me, or is it?

I just read a friend’s blog this morning. She always seems to inspire me to be better, do better, think better, serve better…just be better. She’s a worship leader like me. She’s had some hard times in that profession like me. She’s been in a place where the only survival was upon God’s wings (as if that’s not always true…). She’s had bouts of deep depression like me. I guess I relate to her because of these things. Yet, I have never met her. I found her blog in a random search one day and have been reading it ever sense…

So…to the point…fasting. I’ve actually gone on a fast from food only once in my life. And, even then, I failed at it. Well, that’s what I thought. To me failing at fasting was not being able to go without food for a day. I made it most of the day, but just couldn’t do it. But I can also look back now and realize that I was fasting to prove I could fast…not for God’s intended purpose of fasting. That purpose is to deny yourself of something – fast from it – and fill that specific void with deeper and more focused prayer (most often on a current and specific major decision). In that sacrifice of what you want to seek God’s will, God will show you His desires for you – if it is in His will to do so (it’s not like a genie in a bottle – I do this, so He does that kind of way). So in my failure…it wasn’t because I couldn’t not eat for a day, it was that I had no reason to fast – I didn’t seek God for anything other than proof that I could make it.

So, this blog I spoke of above… I actually saw fasting in the title and said, “Great, here we go again. I don’t do fasting…” But in it I found words of encouragement. Words that challenged me to fast not from food, but from my own opinions, my own preferences, my own wants. How? How can I possibly push aside my wants, opinions, and preferences? Is it even possible? Well, if we look at the description of fasting above, in the sacrifice of those things, I’ve got to fill that void with prayer for God’s strength and revealing of His will – and then more strength to actually follow through with what He has revealed.

So, pray for me. I really need to seek His will…I’ve got too many plans for my life right now – so many that I’m so afraid of screwing it up it has me grid-locked in making some decisions. I need His will to be the only will I can see.

Make that your prayer too…”I need His will to be the only will I can see.”

May God bless you as you seek to serve Him.


One Response

  1. Hey Bobby, I’m glad to hear God spoke to you. This area of fasting for me has been a way that God has changed my heart. I will pray God will work in your life too!

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