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Me…a preacher? No way.

With the absence of our senior pastor for the month of December…that also means the absence of a preacher. As soon as he left, the rest of the pastors had to get together to make sure we had our bases covered…especially for the busiest month of any minister’s calendar. One thing we noticed…I would be the only available pastor on Wednesday, Dec. 10th. That means, not only do I lead the musical portion of worship…but I also preach. Yeah right.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have preached before. I’ve done several messages on various topics of worship. I did one message called “Golf balls and popcorn.” Seriously…I did. It was a visual stinger-type message that talked about getting your priorities straight. I had a clear glass full of some popcorn kernels. I explained how each kernel represented different things we put into our lives…exercises, TV, video games, school, jobs, etc. As I spoke on three of the most important aspects of being a growing Christian (prayer, bible study, and worship), I would put each golf ball representing each aspect into the glass. No matter how you stacked it, all three golf balls would not fit. However, when you put the three most important things in first…the golf balls…then you can start adding all the other little things…the kernels…and slowly, I filled the glass up to the brim and everything fits nicely. It’s a great visual aid to teaching on the priorities in any part of life.

So, when I knew that I would have to preach on that Wednesday – this past Wednesday – I began to think of all the topics that I might feel appropriate. Since our church is in a sort of slump with the resignation of our pastor and all that surrounds that, I thought that perseverance might be a good topic. The deeper I got into studying this, I kept coming back to the same thought – I am not a preacher with the spoken word, but instead, a preacher with the sung word. That is how God has gifted me and that is how I function best. So, I decided that we would have an entire worship service be led by song. I encouraged the people there to use the text of the songs like you might use the text of a sermon. Let it teach you, let it lead you to worship, let it remind you of thanksgiving, let it bleed into your life and change you.

It was  good service. I’ve had several comments in support of what I did…one that said it was the best Wednesday service we had had in a while. Not tooting my own horn, but I give the credit to God for moving me in that direction. Below, you’ll find the songs in order of how we used them.

O Worship the King (jammin’ Chris Tomlin version with “You alone are the matchless King” chorus)
Better Than Life
Jesus, Lead On (an awesome Vineyard song)
Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior (the “Hymned” version by Bart Millard)
You Are My King
God Is Good (Kim Noblitt)
Thank You (“for all that you’ve done I will thank you, for all that you’re going to do…”)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Sing to the King (Billy James Foote)
Blessed Be Your Name (Tree 63)
Mighty to Save
Everlasting God

It was a great service and the people seemed to respond well to it.


3 Responses

  1. Good job preaching, yo. I was handed something similar just today. Well, it is teaching, but a completely different crew. I was conjured into teaching a class on Boundaries at a Level 4 Correctional Facility. Yesh…I don’t know about that. I mean, they need to know Boundaries too, but should I really be the one to teach them about this?


    • I don’t know man. I’ve visited a county jail once and a youth detention center once…that’s it for my experience in that area. I would think that they need to hear the gospel first and the boundaries that come with living out that relationship with God. I’ve had one guy convicted for murder write me a little note, and I would lean towards thinking that most that will be in that service will have a relationship with Christ or be interested in one. I don’t think you’d have every hard-core criminal there…but that would be a good question to ask beforehand. I’ll be parying for you in that.

  2. I remember the golf balls and popcorn from winter camp ages ago! Good Stuff. I think it would be super nice to get to visit your church (one day…) lol. It’s been too long!

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