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“Home, home on the range…umm, err, the block.”

It has been great. The past 5 nights and 6 days in the hospital have not been too bad. The hospital we were in to give birth to our first child has recently, within the past few months no less, completely remodeled their birthing and mother/baby units. Everything was state of the art. The nurses were still trying to figure out a few small things on the monitors during the labor process, but they all kept saying how cool it was. We only spent one night there, but both Heather’s bed and my “couch” of sorts were quite a long ways from comfortable.

The mother/baby unit was slightly more comfortable for me (some sort of couch-like thing), but Heather’s bed was considerably more comfortable…could have been the Perkiset too 🙂 The fact that we had our own full bathroom was nicer here. The other had only a toilet and sink. I guess women in labor don’t need showers, and their husbands are too busy taking care of her to have time for one…but, in the mother/baby unit, the showers were one of the most state of the art features. I’ve never had a shower with “flow control”. Basically, once you get your desired temperature, you can adjust flow control from a light trickle all the way up to full blast.

The staff in both cases were excellent. We did have one or two nurse techs (as they called it – attendants basically, or LPN in the old days) that were somewhat less than helpful or cordial or something I can’t quite put my finger on. Some RNs were better than others, but none were in any way bad.

Our doctors, Heather’s and Evangeline’s, are awesome. Very nice, open with information, highly skilled and knowledgeable…just great. I can’t even imagine what might have happened if Heather’s doctor didn’t see on those fancy new monitors something he didn’t like…in deciding to do the emergency C section, we found the cord wrapped around Evangeline’s neck and arm and the placenta partially released. He knew something was wrong just from the little ticks of Evangeline’s heartbeat in the womb.

As much as I’m thankful to be home…it’s still just temporary. Like the hospital was just okay compared to home…so earth is to heaven. Things now are somewhat comfortable, with some great gadgets for learning great things, and even highly skilled and knowledgeable people…but when we get to heaven, man what an upgrade! Not only are the accommodations built for me in specific perfection, but the people…and the leader of the people…beyond compare.

Hope you plan on being there with me.


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