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The narrow gate…and…the narrow road

I’ll admit that my Christianity is a watered down version. I’ll admit that reading and studying my Bible has been a difficult to maintain habit plagued by inconsistency. I’ll admit that my own selfishness often gets in the way of my ability to minister as God has called. I’ll admit that my own desires for how “church” should be sway me more often than I want…

But I also admit that I’m not the only one. I’m afraid that I am actually more normal when compared to today’s American Christianity. And I’ll admit that I have recently been challenged to be more like Christ…and way less like the world.

The title of this post is in relation to Matthew 7:13-27. It’s the infamous ending of the Sermon on the mount with the narrow and wide gates, teaching on false prophets, good trees bearing good fruit and bad bearing bad fruit, the famous “I never knew you” phrase, and the houses built on rock and sand.

This post follows the listening of a sermon by Paul Washer. Please take the time to listen to this. It is about an hour in length and it will step on your toes…trust me.

The central truth to me was the phrase in Matt. 7:14 where Jesus says, “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” I have always envisioned the road prior to the gate being narrow…but Paul, and the Scriptures here, actually say the road after the gate is still narrow. Few come to Christ…that through the narrow gate. Then, once becoming saved, the road still maintains its narrow-ness. It is a fine line to walk like Christ.

God does not call us to simply enter the gate to be saved…he calls us to walk the narrow road that follows. I’ve not been walking that road with much success and I apologize to any of you that have been affected by that. I desire to give my best effort to God and hope you will pray for me in that pursuit.

I know some of this seems like rambling…but watch the video and I think you’ll understand. God bless you as you seek to walk the narrow road.


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