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Monday’s bout – joy versus happiness

Today is Monday. Though it’s officially the second day of the week, it winds up being the first work day of the week. Most people look at Sunday as a time of rejuvenation to energize them for the next week. I don’t. I see Sunday more as a culmination of my week; the pinnacle; the last hoorah. I would rather people bring their week’s worth of successes and failures into the worship service to seek guidance from God and celebrate the victories than to come with nothing only to “get their tank filled up.”

The difference is the mindset. The first way is more centered on God and what he’s been doing. Celebrating those victories. Seeking help for those defeats. The second way is more me centered. I come for me. To get what I want. To get what I need to make it through the next week. Now, truthfully, I know there are those in both arenas that can be opposite of what I’ve described. So it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule or anything…just what I see.

But I didn’t come here for that sermon. Today, I really just wanted to chat about seeking God. I’ve been burdened for several weeks now that my relationship with Christ is not growing, or if it is, growing slower than what it should be. My last post tells you of part of the beginning of this. Maybe it’s the new year. Maybe it’s the new baby. You know what…maybe it’s just simply God reaching out to me.

I need to be more like Christ. I need to have a more consistent study of Scripture. I need to pray more (to gain the joy that comes from thankful prayers for people in my path). My Sunday School lesson yesterday was simply about the concept of “God wants me to be hapy.” Who’s the important one in this statement? “Me”. God is not concerned with our happiness nearly as much as He is with our joy. Happiness comes from a perception of “things”. This thing or that thing…if I had that, I’d be happy. As thy hymn writer said, “All the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to His blood.” Our joy comes from our salvation in Him. Stemming out of that salvation is the growing more like Christ, seeking the Father’s will, participating in worship, praying for those around us, sharing our faith with others, etc. I’d much rather have joy than happiness.

What’s your choice?


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