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Practical Help…part 2, my Tuesdays

Yesterday, being Tuesday, I wrote about what I normally try to accomplish on Mondays. Now, it’s almost Thursday (Late Wednesday night) and I’m going to write about what I normally try to get to on Tuesdays.

Quick reminder…this is just the average day. Weeks with other responsibilities always creep up (like musicals, appearances, hospital visits, etc.).

So, Tuesday… normally I have the first hour (more or less – mostly less) to myself (8 – 9 am). I catch up on emails a lot. I communicate via email to almost everyone I am in any sort of contact with. Most people that know me know to check their email before calling me to ask any sort of question…because most likely, I’ve already emailed them. Any time not spent on email, I might check Facebook or something like that. You may ask how I can “get away with” checking my personal Facebook page during work hours…well, don’t get to caught up. I communicate via Facebook to almost all of my student praise team. They’re on there multiple times a day and I can send mass emails to all of them through Facebook’s capabilities. Its a great tool.

Usually, 9 – 10 am is pastoral staff meeting. The three pastors get together to talk through ministry ideas, problems to address, calendar planning, etc. We follow this meeting with a 10 am full staff meeting where we disseminate information to our ministry assistants and building superintendent. That can go from an hour to an hour and a half sometimes.

After that is time for lunch. Depending on hospital needs, Tuesdays are my assigned hospital days. Basically, that means if anyone in our congregation is in the local hospital or is scheduled for surgery on that day, it is my responsibility to be there or coordinate with someone to be there. We used to go to a nearby city as well…larger city with larger, more capable hospital. It was about 45 minutes away. However, with the financial crunch, we had to limit those visits to surgeries only. We make phone calls more often now in its place.

So, if hospital needs are present, I’ll usually take the trip to the nearby city, and eat lunch there, since there are a ton more options than our little town. That is usually coupled with extra errands…like a quick trip to SAM’s Club for some youth party stuff, a trip to Kinko’s for more copier paper, or something like that…stuff we can’t get locally. If any or all of this is the case, it usually takes my whole afternoon.

Note for hospital visits: just remember that they’ve been lying in that bed for who knows how long…what you say isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you’re there talking with them. I used to freak out about what to say…not anymore. Also, don’t overstay your welcome. Sometimes, they have a huge need for rest. For example, I was in with Kidney stones once…I got some really good drugs to help with the pain, but every 15 minutes somebody else was coming in to check on me. I just needed to sleep to forget the pain. Not that everyone is in pain like that…but, don’t make your visit too long. I shoot for 10 -15 minutes, unless it feels right to stay longer, but then, no longer than 30. If I know them well, I ask leading questions like, “So, do I need to get out of here so you can sleep?” (subtle huh?)

If I don’t have any hospital visits to make, I usually spend it in finalizing worship plans. Yesterday, when I talked about several hours to plan a service…that is most often split over two or three days. It works well for me to come up with a plethora of ideas one day, narrow it down the next, and add the finishing touches the next. For example…Monday, I talked with the speaker for this Sunday about his topic or direction. I ran out of time to plan anything, so on Tuesday that was a priority. I sat down and for a couple of hours put together several ideas. This morning (Wednesday) I finalized the order of worship. But I’m not done…when I get there on Friday, I still have to work out the kinks…transitions, verses to sing, timing, and not to mention practice the music myself. So there’s a lot going on.

If I have “free time” on Tuesdays, I’ll catch up on studying choir anthems, finish any graphics (more on that later), catch up on more emails, or just simply think about the possibilities (dream big for the future).

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Wednesdays…my busiest day, thus the reason for me not getting to this post until 10:30 at night.

God bless!


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