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The Rose of Calvary – Joseph M Martin

I decided to take our music ministry through Joseph M Martin’s Rose of Calvary this year for our annual Easter Musical. With Easter being quite a bit later this year than normal, I thought we’d have plenty of time to prepare. I don’t know if I relaxed too much in that thought or what, but it has sort of snuck up on us all.

As with most musical productions, we’d like another couple of weeks to get ready, but that just can’t happen. I do think we’ll be ready enough to do the piece justice, draw people to worship, and be honoring to our God. However, the “perfectionist” in me wants to get  a few more things “right”.  The good news is that I can never remember a choir or music ministry that didn’t pull it all together in the last week. So, knowing God’s grace, I am not worried or hesitant about this Sunday’s presentation.

What is your music ministry doing for Easter?


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