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Reading the Bible is like home improvements

My wife and I have been doing home improvements…for about 3 years…since day one of owning the home. Some projects have been easy…painting the living room. Some have been difficult…putting down Pergo Laminate flooring. But it never fails, whenever we begin a project, whatever the project may be, it always winds up being more than we bargained for.

Some “for examples”:

The Roof…We had a hail storm a year ago in March. Damage to the roof…covered by insurance…so we get a new roof put on. However, in doing so, a leak developed. The leak was “fixed” 3 or 4 times leaving behind ceiling damage. That has been “fixed” 3 times…and today, should actually, finally get done right…which means replacing sheet rock on the ceiling. That however, is not the end. Now we’ll have to paint the ceiling so that the new part will match the old part. In doing so, we’ll probably have to scrape all the “popcorn” off and “re-popcorn” the whole thing. But we won’t find out until we start.

The Pergo flooring…we had sheet linoleum (in a fake wood pattern) that covered the kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallway. Pergo can easily go down over linoleum. However, in trying to put screws down where the squeaks were, I found a soft spot in the floor. Only way to see what’s going on is to tear up the linoleum. Found more water damage from the roof leak (even though Allstate said that couldn’t possibly be the problem and didn’t pay a dime). So, a friend and I took out the sub-floor and replaced a 2 foot by 6 foot section. The Pergo, in a straight line, with no doors or transitions…yes, it is super easy. But some of the cuts take a degree in engineering of which I don’t have. I’ve been working on this “Do it yourself in a day” floor for about 3 weeks now.

The Bathrooms…ladies need a nice bathroom. So, both bathrooms have been remodeled. New fixtures, sinks, paint, molding…top to bottom remodel…both bathrooms. The one upstairs has been an unfinished project for almost a year now because I don’t want to take the next step…tearing out a wall to get to a plumbing issue…of which I’m not sure I can fix anyway.

So…the title of this post? Every time I start a new project in home improvement, it always uncovers other issues that must be addressed. The Bible does the same for us. As one of my pastors used to say…”Every issue is a spiritual issue.” Changing your attitude about someone or something. Trying to become more conscious of the lost around you. Changing your negative tone. Working on your personal worship and devotional consistency. All of these things and so much more…they are spiritual issues that will most likely uncover other issues you must address.

But think of the finished product. When you can step back and look at something you did with your own two hands in any project…that is a great feeling. The same is true when you can look back at a spiritual “remodeling” and see how God has worked in your life…that is a great feeling.

I’m working on consistency in study of Scriptures. What are you working on?


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