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More resources (in honor of my 100th post)

I have wanted this blog to be a help to other music ministers and worship leaders. For my 100th post, I found something that’s only 100 bucks, but worth several thousand bucks! What a deal.

I’ve always been a supporter of conferences…not as much for myself (which I should be more), but more so for my partners in ministry – the other music leaders, accompanists, band, and techies. You just can’t teach everything to everyone; but a conference can focus on each volunteer’s needs and go beyond the call of duty to bring everyone up a few notches in their abilities.

To take your full band, praise team, and tech team to a conference could easily cost $300-$400 each (after meals, room and board, and conference fees). With the average size band (2 acoustics, 1 electric, 1 bass, 1 keyboard, 1 drummer) and the average praise team (3-4 singers) and 1 or 2 techies…we’re getting close to $3600 or so…some churches might not approve that kind of expenditure…

However, here comes along the Christian Musician’s Conference with the likes of Lincoln Brewster, Brian Doerksen, Bob Kauflin, and many more. They call it Conference in a Box…all the offered conferences recorded to seven packed┬áDVDs…for a mere $99…So…$3600 or $99? Your call. Be sure to check out the demo videos too. What a deal.