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The Past versus the Future

We often think of that don’t we? We think of the past in a “days-gone-by” wonder, recalling all the great things we did or experienced. Like the song says, “Gimme that old time religion…” I can actually look back and remember what I was like as a brand new Christian ready to take on all of Hell with a water pistol. I can also look back over my past few years. These years have brought me my wife, my daughter, and a lot of people from a little town called Elberton, GA. There have been many good things…no, great things…happen here at FBC Elberton. Of course some bad too. But I choose to remember the good. A friend of mine just wrote a great post on forgiveness. When we pray in the Lord’s Prayer “forgive us our sins just as we forgive those who sin against us” – think about that… What if God really did only forgive us to the point that we forgive others? What if God gave us what we deserved like we want to give others what they deserve for wronging us? So, yes…some things at FBC have hurt me. But I choose to forgive. I choose to live in remembering the good…not the bad.

What about the future? I do greatly look forward to my future with East Pickens. I cannot wait to get in there, get my hands dirty, and see what that group of believers is capable of. I’ve always being surprised by what a group of believers could accomplish for the Kingdom of God. Since I’ll be “completing” the staff (they’ve had a great interim music guy for about 2 years), I’m looking forward to working alongside them to find God’s will for East Pickens and implement what’s necessary. It will be a great time.

But…the past versus the future? Do you dare compare? Does God want your attention to be on either more than the other? Does He desire for you to dwell on how you could have made the past better or on what you’ll do to make the future better? Joshua 24:15 has the answer… decide today, right now, in this very moment of time whom you will serve. “As for me and my house…we will serve the Lord.”


2 Responses

  1. Bobby, we can’t wait to have you and your family here at EPBC! If you need any assistance finding things around here…good eats, stores, etc, just give a holler and we can hook you right up.

    • Thanks Marc… I can’t wait to be there. But I do know there are quite a few things that FBC Elberton still needs from me over the next few weeks. Pray that God will direct my steps in closing out this chapter of my life.

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