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Some things never die…

I’ve had five motorcycles in my life. The first was a Honda Shadow 500. GREAT started bike; light and manueverable. Windshield, saddlebags, passenger backrest, Red/White paint…nice bike. THe second bike was a Honda Shadow 750. Sweet Maroon/Black color combo. It was a nice step up even though there were about 2-3 years from selling the previous to getting the 750. 

 The third bike was another 2-3 years later and was a HUGE step up…A Yamaha V-Star 1100. I had that bike for about 3 years. Loved it. It was basically the Silverado package, but not the Silverado package (all the same accessories, but done better…) It was a nice gray/white paint job. Plenty of extras and a nice ride with the 1063 cc engine.

I (stupidly) traded up to a Yamaha FJR1300. I had kept my eye on the FJR1300 since its inception in 2003. I had always thought it would be the perfect bike for me. I found the right deal with WOW Motorcycles in Marietta, GA and it was done. I had a good 2 years or so on the bike but was somewhat disappointed. It wasn’t all I had hoped. It had serious power, enough to scare me, and great slow speed handling (turning and all). But it just wasn’t doing it for me.

If you’ve read my last few posts, you know God’s called me from my ministry in Elberton, GA to a new work in Pickens, SC. In the interview process and the Sunday I lead worship, I have found that, in my brief time and uneducated estimation, that I would guess at least a third of the congregation ride. Though my wife and I have tried to sell the FJR, it just hasn’t happened. Now I think I know why…so I can ride with my new church members.

In thinking through that exciting probability, I wanted to get back to the cruiser world. I found this little gem at WOW Motorcycles too. Thanks to their efforts and the repeat customer thing, they gave me a great deal and I traded the FJR for this 2006 Yamaha Midnight Custom (V-Star 1100). I can’t even tell you how I like it. It’s so great to be back on the cruiser. Some loves never die…


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  1. Awesome!…I miss my V-star sometimes…we gotta go riding when you guys get settled in.

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