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God never ceases to amaze me

We have a house. It’s a nice house. We’ve enjoyed our house. We’ve fixed up our house. We even hug it and call it George…okay, maybe not. The problem with this house? We need to sell it before we can afford to buy another house (or even afford to rent another house) in Pickens…where God has called us to move our service to.

The house in Elberton has some advantages…it is the only four bedroom house within this price range (closest ones are close to $100,000 more). It has a new roof. It has a new Heat pump/AC unit. It has new Pergo floors (personally installed, if I do say so myself). It has many perks for a home buyer…but, the housing market stinks. The housing market in Elberton…even stinkier.

With an hour and half drive from Elberton to Pickens…it’s not really a commute I’d like to make every day. I can. I will if I have to…but it looks like God has done it again. Even in the midst of this poor market, He has shown His mercy.

There is a couple in my new church in Pickens that just happens to have an “extra”; house. It’s a nice three bed two bath split level house on approximately 20 acres up very close to Lake Keowee (near Salem). It is only a mere 30 minute drive from the house to the church. A much more doable commute. The best news? They are not going to charge any rent! We’ll pay utilities (electric, gas, tv, etc.). I’ll keep the yard mowed. We’ll keep the house in working condition…but no rent! The couple is very friendly, very helpful, and can’t say enough nice things about the church to which we’ve been called. We so look forward to this time.

This is just one more little example of the ripples of life (as I like to call them). This couple’s daughter met some friends at school. Those friends invited her to come to Awana at their church. Like ripples from a rock thrown into a pond, those ripples crossed into this girl’s parent’s lives. They began attending the same church. Those ripples crossed the pastor’s path as he and his family got the same courtesy from this couple as we are about to get (free rent). Those ripples now expand into our lives. The ripples from our lives are about to intersect the lives of those in East Pickens Baptist Church.

God is always at work. He is Good and He is in control. Find where He’s working and go join Him (not my idea, look at Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God). Have you joined Him in His work around you?


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