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Music Ministries Farewell Party

HUGE thanks to FBC Music Ministries for a terrific sending off party. The food was excellent (I think there are STILL some chicken fingers Renee is trying to give away). I especially loved the chocolate chip cookie mud pie thingy that Eula made…unbelievable! It was all excellent.

The company was amazing as well. Almost 50 people showed up…the first time in my three years that everyone showed up on the same night! (Just kidding). I had great conversations with a lot of people and I certainly appreciate all the well-wishes and blessings. Though a few tears were shed, I was able to choke mine back (amazingly). Knowing it would be the last time I would see many of them for a long time, I tried to soak it all in.

Thank you for the plaque. It is very nice and gracious of you to do that for me. You keep telling me that I was the best music minister you’ve had…but I can’t help but think how much better the next guy/girl might be! I look at all my inadequacies and hope the next music minister can add those into an already successful and growing music ministry.

Just don’t forget what you put on my plaque…”Soli Deo Gloria” (to God alone be the glory)…glorify Him in all you do and He will lift you up, bless you, and call you His own.

Thank you tremendously for an awesome 3 1/2 years of service together for the Kingdom. God bless.


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