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Who are we?

My heart hangs heavy tonight. Is it just being tired from a really long day? Is it God beginning to do a work in me?

I’ve been following one particular “discussion” on Facebook. The discussion began as a disapproval¬†of homosexuality that was challenged as being intolerant and the like. I wasn’t actually offended by the guy’s response. It was more of an ache for him. Though I don’t know him, I assume two things: one he admitted to, being a Christmas and Easter Catholic, I’m sure does not help him understand the Bible. Secondly, I assume at some point in his past, he’s ran across a Christian that did not display Christ and now he has somehow placed all Christians under the label he associated with that bad example. After 82 posts to this comment on Facebook, I felt I could sit by no longer and posted the following:


“I’ve been following this post from the beginning. As usual, I find it difficult for me to enter such a heated debate…to defend what I believe to be truth. We can come back to the Bible in this debate all day long. We can discuss the facts and historical evidence for the truth of the Bible (http://www.leestrobel.com and http://www.answersingenesis.org). We can quote hundreds of Scriptures to support what we say. But it is God Himself that draws people to Himself. How he may or may not use us in that process is His to decide. Our obedience or disobedience to that is His to judge.

“So the real question is not to Warren, “Why is it wrong for us to be intolerant to your views but okay for you to be intolerant of ours?” The real question is to those of you who believe, “What are you going to do with what you believe about God?”
Are you going to sit back and watch a debate like this and not say anything (like me until now)?
Are you going to sit in the stands and watch God’s work happen all around you and not get involved? … Read More
Will you walk by those in need without even giving it a second thought?
Will you get your hands dirty to help someone not like you?
Are you going to live out what Jesus said were the two greatest commandments (Love God, Love Others)?
Or will you be that one Christian someone sees as an “example” that then causes them to consider all Christians to be hypocrites, or intolerant, or holy rollers?

“My heart aches for the American Church. We’ve missed it somewhere. We must get back to living as if what we say to be truth actually causes us to act on that truth. (“Faith without action is dead,” James 2:14)

“<please hear this post as an urgent passion, not an angry comeback…I’m a worship leader, not a writer or speaker>”

So, who are you?