Adoration, Praise, Thanksgiving

Though I hated memorizing these and thought “seminary should be a cut above memorization” I am thankful to Dr. Leafblad for giving me the best understanding of true biblical worship. Though I can’t recall these definitions from memory any more (probably couldn’t within a few days of the exam), I still find them quite engaging as each word carries its own weight. Your thoughts?

1. Adoration is contemplative worship which is pre-occupied with the beauty and splendor of the Lord in the context of an intimate personal relationship of loving submission to the Savior in which the enjoyment of and delight in the revealed mysteries and experienced marvels of God’s character are expressed in attitudes and acts of intense heart-devotion.

2. Praise is celebrative worship in which believers glorify and exalt the Lord through expressive acts enthusiastically proclaiming the unrivaled excellence of His character, His Nmae and His actions in a spirit of uninhibited rejoicing.

3. Thanksgiving is grateful worship in which believers responding to the working of God around them and within them acknowledge the manifold blessings, gifts, and favors of God, and His specific actions in their behalf, in a spirit of humble appreciation.


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