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The Flood of Sin and Temptation

800_ziwokmeetnpxnhsj4vljpjkbfx9uezzvI was thinking about sin and temptation the other day, specifically related to counseling a friend confronting sexual sin. It was not too long after a debilitating rain fall amount in Greenville. And this analogy came to me:

“Don’t drown, turn around.” Seems like a silly phrase, kind of trite in a way. The intent is that when you’re driving along and you come upon a place where a river or stream has flooded over the road in front of you, turn around. Don’t take the chance. You never know if the water has washed the road out underneath that flood or if the current of the water is too strong for you to make it across. Simple…just turn around. Sadly, two people in this recent storm tried crossing a road covered by water. Their car stalled so they decided to try and get out of the car to make it to safety. As soon as they stepped out of the car, the current was so strong, it swept them away and they drown.

In confronting temptation, more specifically sexual temptations, it’s much like this flood. You may be able to see the other side and think it’s not that far away. You may know the road like the back of your hand and think everything under the current is still solid ground. You may think your vehicle (life) is strong enough to wade through unscathed. You may think that even if the worst happens, you’re still a good swimmer.

But the current of sin, especially sexual sin, is so strong, unbelievably strong. Why take the chance? Why believe “It’s ok, I’ve got this”? Why believe an even sadder, faith-like, “It’s ok, God will protect me”?

As simple and trite as it may seem, just turn around, don’t drown. Assume the water is too deep. Most likely it is. Assume the current is too strong. Trust me, it is. Don’t take the chance. Just turn around.