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My newest adventure…

I have been drawn to teaching for a long time. In high school, as a member of the terribly awesome and widely feared Lawrence County High School Band, music was everything to me. I had planned on pursuing a music degree and becoming a band director but God had other plans for my life and that music degree still came, though delayed a few years, and was in music ministry instead.

But that desire to teach has never left me. I tried to pursue music education while working on my master’s degree but, again, God had other plans and it just simply didn’t work out and I stayed with ministry as a focus.

While serving a church in Texas, I had an opportunity to teach an AP Music Theory class in the local high school. It was an awesome experience with some awesome students and reawakened the teaching bug in me.

But nothing developed. There was one private Christian school in Clearwater, FL that was pretty interested in me at one point, but my wife and I couldn’t take that particular leap of faith simply for the low salary being offered. It was a significant cut from even my ministry position…and we all know how low that pay tends to be.

I also pursued 3 different doctoral degrees. The DMA in Music Education from Boston University (I didn’t have BM or MM degrees in Music Ed so I wasn’t accepted), a DMA in Conducting from the University of Georgia (the conducting chair was leaving and the conducting department wasn’t accepting new students) and a DMin in Worship from Liberty University (accepted but can’t get past the amount of leveling courses needed and the extremely high tuition). Not being accepted or comfortable in any of the three varying degree programs I had pretty much lost hope in any future in the collegiate teaching world.

I had an opportunity to interview for an opening at Anderson University as the Director of the Worship Leadeship program. I was one of three finalists but did not make the cut primarily for not having any experience teaching at the collegiate level.

But then God decided it was time. Seriously, no other possiblity but God saying, “It’s time.” Through a painful departure from one church and a highly stressful unemployment period, God directed me to an unlikely place I probably would not have considered otherwise…Lumberton, NC and Hyde Park Baptist Church. Again, God being faithful like He is, HP has wound up being a perfect fit for me, my strengths, and my vision for ministry.

Having lunch one day with a potential bass player for our worship band, during the small talk stage I found out he was a math/physics instructor at the local community college. I told him the Reader’s Digest version of my desire to teach at some point later in life and we moved on in our conversation to other things. A few weeks later, he sent me a message about a job that had just been posted at the college for an adjunct music appreciation instructor, and that he thought I should apply.

Going through the proper channels at my church with the lead pastor and personnel team, I applied and got the position!

So, beginning next week, I begin my journey of finally teaching music at the collegiate level. I’m still trying to decide if I’m really excited or completely scared!

Nonetheless, I am 100% confident God has orchestrated this particular opportunity and I know He will cover me with all the peace that I need. In that I am confident.